Center split-cutting machine broken pipe demonstration Western Pipeline Branch

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Recently, Langfang Jiu'an Machinery was stationed in the Shanshan Maintenance and Repair Center. The rescue model of the split-cutting machine was successfully completed in the rescue mode. The manufacturer of the CNC intersecting line cutting machine exchanged the cold cutting of the pipe with the staff of the Western Pipeline Xinjiang Branch. Groove experience.

During the entire demonstration communication process, the soldiers of the maintenance center presented a lot of problems encountered at the construction site to the exhibitors of Jiu'an Machinery, and also put forward many targeted suggestions.

In this regard, the responsible person of Jiu'an Machinery said: Our equipment is to be continuously improved and updated according to the specific problems encountered during the construction site construction. Only in this way can the product be safer and more efficient. At the same time, the Western Pipeline Branch of the company has also trained the warriors of the maintenance center to train the equipment, so that they are more familiar with the equipment and can use the equipment more efficiently.

It is understood that Jiu'an Machinery will provide relevant precision equipment and technical support in the exchange operation of the Hami section of the West Third Line between May 22 and May 30. This is also the official support and recognition of domestic machinery and equipment.

The Jiu'an-made split-cut beveling machine is the most powerful and comprehensive lightweight split-type device on the market today. It can cut all kinds of materials and wall thickness pipes with outer diameter DN12-1524), central split-valve cutting machine, beveling, compound beveling, drilling and milling and flange turning, Jiu'an manufacturing split type The cutting beveling machine is compact and knotted.